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We offer a comprehensive set of professional services and proprietary technology products for cross-platform business initiatives. Our service offerings are separated into two concentrations:

Web Visibility

Visibility optimization offerings for: Search Engine Results, Online Campaigns, Consumer Review Forums, Product/ App Launches, Digital PR, and Social Media. Quantifiable goals are established prior to service commencement.


Sentiment Analysis

Surgo Group integrates the custom determinations of consumer sentiment into the underlying company goal to make the data actionable. Discovered using a variety of data points, unique KPIs provide newfound insights.
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Consumer Engagement

We focus on multiplying conversion rates, time on site, as well as ease of page. We identify any key problems through a/b testing, as well as “interconnection” across platforms (mobile/social) web.

*Over 75% of consumers report that they believe there is a disconnect between mobile and web experiences, too much to be comfortable using them both. If mobile is not good, then that percentage of consumers are less likely to use your services

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your website’s authority, relevancy, rankings and visibility. SEO provides value over a longer time. Our SEO tactics are proven to increase these for the particular digital asset.

In addition, quantifiable goals and milestones are predetermined so that expectations can be gauged and monitored starting at project commencement. Our unique methodology provides long-lasting results.

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Technology & Analytics

We identify as a clear understanding of that objective, as well as the realistic goal behind them is imperative for a successful campaign.

Published content must be tested and analyzed continuously across platforms. Our primary objective is to ensure long term results, with a positive ROI.

We partner with leading analytic firms and ad networks to deliver campaigns that substantiate a call to action. We offer paid placement programs for search engines, which provide immediate results.

If you are trying to achieve a higher conversion rate on a monthly recurring billing service offering or more downloads for your app, Surgo Group identifies your topline business goals and not only recommends the appropriate strategy based on these hard figures, but can also implement the most optimal solution to increase your conversion rate.

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We determine a core set of quantifiable goals prior to project commencement. This holds us accountable for our work, with actualized results.

  • Bounce Rate
  • Traffic Source
  • PPC
  • Searcher Intent

Demographic Analysis

Through large data set analysis of information not publicly available, we are able to use current and historic information to create customer demographic profiles.

We also implement real time tracking with impact on marketing procedures and campaign decisions.

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Social Media Optimization

Building awareness, engaging audiences, driving sales. We empower brands to stimulate their high priority communities by identifying the WHO, the WHERE and the WHAT (content) they need to engage to meet quantifiable goals.

Social is part of our “big-picture” content strategy which places priority on accessibility, sharing and consumer input.

Social Media Marketing/Optimization (SMM/SMO) with existing social campaign integration will be performed to expand your natural web presence into the social aspects of online communities allowing for natural viral promotion.

We will be engaged in monitoring the responses to: content creation, social engagement and relationship building when it comes to tying in to SEO. SMM/SMO both help boost SEO, and can drive visitors to your site quickly, and with long-term value.

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Customer Feedback Optimization

Development of customized turn-key solutions for customer feedback management and response systems.

Focus on integration and optimization across 5 key phases of the process; which consist of Content Ingestion, Data Storage, Data Enhancement/Extraction, Data Visualization and the Management and response systems. 38% average improvement rate in current structure

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Reputation Management

“Reputation management” is the practice of understanding or influencing an individuals’ or business’ reputation. It was originally coined as a public relations term, but advancements in computing, the internet and social media made it primarily an issue of search results.

Businesses now have had to adapt their campaigns and mindsets to a more technical approach; which we refer to as Web Enhancement/Perception. We understand these issues and offer custom-tailored solutions based on the needs of our clients. Our services are technical and results-based.

A holistic and technical approach is custom-tailored for the improvement or creation of a person’s online identity (aka reputation.) This technical approach consists of:

• negative content suppression 

• positive content stimulation 

• monitoring/reporting results 

• image/content enhancement 

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Content Distribution

The content flow across communities of interest is imperative for brands in this content-driven digital environment. We develop and implement customizable flexible open source CMS’s that act as the base of a strategic “event driven” visibility plan.

Brands that rely on their content help customers develop an opinion by providing relevant information through a mix of third party websites and properties.

These shareable experiences in this social age prompt action when executed effectively. Our team of experienced and creative internet marketers helps you connect with your customers through optimizing their experience, or through experiences we create for them

*“Event” specific campaigns; we define an “event” as anything that is on a specific timeline due to a launch, deadline, or sales intiative.

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We help to build actionable results to meet your business objectives such as:

  • Click Depth
  • Active Management Reporting
  • Link Authenticity
  • Variable Traffic Sourcing

Tracking & Conversion

Conversion tracking opportunities are identified during our initial review, then appropriate steps are taken to implement tracking of those activities within the pre-existing or newly implemented web analytics tools and software.

Such conversion implementation activities include tracking purchases, thank you pages following form submissions, clicks on an email link, PDF downloads, social sign-in, etc

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Actualized Results

Determining a core set of quantifiable goals prior to project commencement is imperative in determining campaign success. It is our mission to use our methodology and proprietary technology products to achieve business initiatives with results.

Our stance is simple: actualized results are the only true determining factor of an initiative's success.

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Mobile Solutions

Pre or Post-launch evaluation is completed for mobile initiative. We determine strategy for implementation of mobile adoption, engagement and effectiveness. We increase acquisition retention rate, monitor in app activity through analytics, improve app store visibility.


App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) matters, especially when launching a successful app, or suite of apps for competitive terms.

Our App Store Optimization service includes the following:

  • Increase search rank and app visibility
  • Increase number of net installs
  • Increase net installs by loyal users
  • Tools that anonymously track each user’s post-install events such as: launches, purchases, registrations, game levels, conversions, etc.
  • Tools that anonymously track performance variables such as: rank, installs, cost, and traffic source
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User Engagement

One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is the ability to increase user engagement with their brand digitally.

Just because a customer looks at or downloads your app does not mean they are engaged. While there is no consistent quantifiable definition of engagement across different products, our user engagement service ensures that customers not only download or click on your app, but actually engage with it on a consistent basis.

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Cross Platform Optimization

Content is consumed across multiple media, often simultaneously. To most effectively reach your target audience, your brands media and planning must evolve to keep up with these changing consumer dynamics.

Recognizing the challenge that your content faces when optimizing media allocations across multiple platforms is important to achieve an efficient model to for maximum ROI.

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Tracking and Conversion

Conversion tracking opportunities are identified during our initial review, then appropriate steps are taken to implement tracking of those activities within the pre-existing or newly implemented web analytics tools and software.

Such conversion implementation activities include tracking purchases, thank you pages following form submissions, clicks on an email link, PDF downloads, Social Sign-in, etc

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Technology and Analytics

Mobile web analytics
Page tracking-provides the most robust and accurate method of recording web based events. Page tracking uses a small 1x1 pixel tag and is ideal for measuring visits to web pages and marketing campaign impressions.

App Anaytics
Comprehensive set ofapplication analytics SDKs for all leading platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia (QT, WRT and Java). Our HTML5 SDK is also available for detailed measurement of web apps.

Campaign Analytics
Uses URL redirection to measure actual clicks. It is designed to record advertising clicks, users clicking through to an app store or to third party sites (including Twitter and Facebook). Combined with page tracking, get critical insights into the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns.

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