Celebrating National Intern Day: DI Intern Guest Post

In recognition of National Intern Day, hear directly from one of our digital intelligence (DI) interns, Lauren, reflect on her summer internship so far. Thank you Brooke, Nicole and Lauren for all of your brilliant work!

When people ask what I’m doing post-grad, I reply “I’m a digital marketing intern.” The usual follow up is, “What does that mean?” Truthfully, I’m still learning — and I’ve realized the strategies are always changing.

Over the course of my internship, I’ve assisted with search engine optimization, online advertising, content marketing and email marketing. I’ve also worked on projects with the Digital Intelligence team to answer market research questions about a company’s performance using digital datasets. Most of these skills were new to me, but to my relief, Surgo provided us with Surgo Systems Training (SST).

For the first week of the internship, we met at the end of each day for an hour long SST session. We learned about the digital landscape, traffic analysis, and search behavior. After my first day, I came home from work and realized I will never look at Google the same.

Using Surgo’s tools and datasets, I feel like I am behind-the-screen to understand the consumer-brand relationship through online activity. As the weeks go on, I am even able to come up with my own insights. I enjoy the variety of work and I like knowing I add value to the company.

The entire office is friendly and approachable, but serious and efficient when it comes to work. People will be cheering about the World Cup one minute, then intently working the next.  Last week, we took the field to play kickball against our corporate lawyers. The event and happy hour reminded me that everyone goes out of their way to make the interns feel welcome. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.


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