Search Trends: Voice Search and Commands

From keyboards to vocal cords – interaction levels with technology continues to expand. Voice Search has been a point of conversation thanks to devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, Android devices 4.4 or higher, or those with the Google app version 3.5 or higher, can also leverage the power of Google through voice.


Popular Voice Search Commands

Communication Command – Includes requests to make a phone call or send a text, like “Ok Google, call home” and “Ok Google, text Mom.”

Entertainment Command – Includes playful requests for entertainment purposes, like “Ok Google, tell me a joke” and “Ok Google, beatbox.”

Function Command – Includes requests related to directions and camera functions, like “Ok Google, make a list” and “Ok Google, take a selfie.”

Maps Command – Includes requests to find your location or food near you, like “Hey Google, where am I?” and “Ok Google, food near me.”

Music Command – Includes requests related to music, like “Ok Google, play music.” and “Ok Google, what’s this song?”

Time Command – Includes requests related to time of day, alarms and timers, like “Ok Google, what time is it?” and “Ok Google, set alarm.”

Weather Command – Includes requests related to the weather forecast, like “Ok Google, what’s the weather?” and “Ok Google, will it rain today?”


Voice Search Trends

The number of people activating their voice search functionality increased 34% YoY, with spikes around the holiday season. Entertainment and Time commands experienced the most YoY growth, whereas weather and music requests are stagnant since last year. Music commands had almost no change YoY.

As Voice Search becomes more common, the technology and strategy will need to evolve. Google introduced a new activation command, “Hey Google”, with the intention of creating a more natural conversation. However, it does not compare to the “Ok Google” utilization. As people become more familiar with voice search, user behavior will change.