Surgo Group 2018 Innovation Predictions

Advanced internet security, digital medical diagnosis and increased AR capabilities are just a few of the innovations Surgo Group predicts will become mainstream before 2020.

Once a month, the entire NYC Surgo Group team meets over breakfast and coffee to discuss the latest trends in technology, innovation, digital marketing and more. This month, the team looked back at this year’s discussions and predicted when each topic will become fully integrated into everyday life.

The team began by submitting individual predictions, which were averaged and plotted on a timeline. These predictions were discussed one-by-one, analyzing whether the group agreed with the averaged date, and providing additional information to justify these predictions. Below is a timeline of these innovations and the finalized observations.

Fitness Wearables – Past

The team discussed whether fitness wearables will integrate more with social media and the potential for other forms of wearables to become mainstream. It was agreed that this technology is dying down in popularity, after a huge growth in adoption over the past two years.

Fake News 2018

Media companies (news, social platforms) and search engines will increase their ability to filter “fake news” and provide a solution to the spreading of misleading information.

Modular Phones 2018

The team discussed defining this innovation as phone-specific, rather than all types of modular-devices. Everyone concurred that more options will become available by the end of 2018 and this technology will increase in popularity, especially in gaming.

Advanced Internet Security 2019

With increased popularity in cross-device functionality (Internet of Things) and the dismantling of Net Neutrality, internet providers, as well as internet security companies will be forced to release advanced security software by the end of 2019. The team agreed that this depended heavily on the F.C.C.’s decision on the Net Neutrality rules.

Digital Medical Advancements 2019

Many team members admitted to already adopting online medical solutions, rather than physically visiting the doctor’s office. More online medical solutions and diagnosis options will become available to the public during 2018, and these will increase in popularity for consumers.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2020

This topic was heavily debated among the group, all residing with a common consensus that there are multiple currencies available in the market, but their functionality is currently up for debate. These types of currencies will become more usable to the general public.

VR Entertainment – 2024

The team defined this VR technology as entertainment-specific, which includes gaming, films, tv shows etc. The general consensus was that, yes this technology is already available, but the majority of everyday-consumers have not yet adopted the technology. There are many pitfalls, including accuracy and motion-sickness that hinder these advancements. By 2024, more VR entertainment options will become available and be integrated more with day-to-day activity.

VR Shopping – 2025

The team all agreed VR shopping-specific technology, including personal wardrobes and virtual changing rooms are more likely to become mainstream if a major online marketplace launched an online VR store, rather than specific brands releasing on their websites.

Digital Currency – 2026

Currently, digital currencies are available (Bitcoin dominating the news with its price volatility). Given increased interest and high value, combined with government regulation, it will be a few years before a universal digital currency becomes mainstream for everyday purchases. With that in mind, the team agreed within 5+ years at least 50% of the public will be comfortable using a digital currency as they are the dollar.

Self-driving Cars – 2028

The team is extremely excited by the prospect of self-driving cars, although it’s evident this technology is still a decade away from daily integration – government regulation and user safety being the two major hurdles.