Surgo, a Digital Intelligence technology firm, was founded in 2010 by Travis T. Tillotson.

Headquartered in New York City, the company’s name is derived from the Latin word “surgo” which means to elevate or move upwards

Surgo initially opened its doors from a small, quasi-ventilated closet turned office as a digital consulting firm specializing in the optimization and analysis of companies’ web visibility through the collection and analysis of unique and under-utilized data sets.
For the first several years, Surgo relied on existing resources to scale its systems and managed to grow exponentially by providing these data-driven products and services to SMB’s and Fortune 500 companies.

The growing NYC-based team established the core infrastructure, competencies, digital assets and cultural framework for the organization with the true startup mentality from shared Tribeca workspace. In 2012, Surgo expanded internationally by opening its first dedicated offshore office in India.

As Surgo expanded, Tillotson identified unutilized opportunities for its technology stack and began seeking alternative end-market expansion opportunities. In 2014, Sam Fraenkel joined Surgo as a partner to leverage these proven capabilities to offer insights to a new clientele.

In late 2014, the financial services product, Tomahawk, was born.

Surgo performed a friends and family seed stage funding to allow for further exploration into the Financial Services end-market with the Tomahawk product, specifically focused on industry leading Hedge Funds. The end goal was to prove how Tomahawk, driven by Surgo’s Intelligence Engine, could continue to predict future trends based solely off digital data.

In the years that followed, Surgo experienced accelerated growth company-wide, opening a new Headquarters in Tribeca and doubling the workforce with the addition of many pivotal members to the company. In late 2016, Surgo continued to expand internationally opening their second dedicated offshore office in Mexico.

Surgo has been recognized as Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018, Crain’s NY Best Workplaces NYC 2018 and Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2018.

With an eye toward continued responsible growth, Surgo closed its Series A Financing for $7M on August 31, 2018.

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